A Simple Guide to South African Family Law Ebook

A Simple Guide to South African Family Law Ebook

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A clear and accessible guide to South African family law, informing readers on their rights and the legal aspects governing their personal lives.

  • Author: Nthabiseng Monareng
  • Title: A Simple Guide to South African Family Law
  • ISBN: 978-1-920025-26-7
  • Publication Date: 2016/12/01
  • Publishing House: Siber Ink
  • Target Market Advice offices, Family courts, Counsellors, Mediators, Pastors, Newlyweds, Separating couples, Divorcees, Students, Single parents, Singles considering getting into relationships, Co-habiting couples, In short – everyone!
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Without resorting to the “lawyers’ language” that makes many books on family law difficult to understand for the non-lawyer, A Simple Guide to South African Family Law covers those aspects of family law most likely to affect the lives of ordinary people. It provides a “legal map” for individuals entering into – and terminating – marriages, civil unions and other domestic relationships; dealing with the children born of these relationships; coping with the difficulties of enforcing child and family support obligations; having to face the sad reality of the domestic violence which continues to plague our society; and making arrangements to distribute property after death.

By arming readers with practical information about the content of their rights in this arena, and guiding them through the procedures necessary to protect and enforce those rights, the book will educate and empower ordinary people, thus helping to realise the promise of the Bill of Rights in their daily lives.
Extract from the foreword by B J van Heerden - Judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal


“…Equality cannot, and does not, mean only equality on paper or in theory. That is simply not good enough. Promoting and achieving equality – and, indeed, the other human rights protected in the Bill of Rights – requires an acute awareness of the lived realities of people’s lives. One of these realities is that many people in South Africa are unable to enforce their legal rights because they do not know what these rights are, what they mean in reality and how to protect them.
It is for this reason that A Simple Guide to South African Family Law is a publication as timely as it is admirable. In easily readable, clear and accessible language, the author sets out the South African legal framework governing the different forms of family and personal relationships that exist in our multi-cultural society. “
B J van Heerden - Judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal

A Simple Guide to South African Family Law is a very informative book. I had the luck to share it with my listeners at Ukhozi FM and they still ask me ‘Where is Nthabiseng, the family law expert?’ It is easy to read and understand, so it reaches all people, including those who do not understand English. Great Book. Congratulations, ousie Nthabiseng!”
Vusizwe Langa – SABC

“This book is long overdue. As a mediator for FAMSA and having worked many years at Johannesburg Family Court, this is a book that is needed by South Africans. Congratulations for thinking out of the box and trying to make life easier for the ordinary people of South Africa.”
Gilbert Magome – Family Law Mediator

“This book seeks to defend marriage and family values in a simplified way. Many problems linked with family are connected to ignorance people have of the law. The author gives a simple, yet detailed, account of how these matters could be dealt with legally, while at the same time she promotes the institution of marriage. This book is an important tool for a pastor to have as it gives answers to questions that are often raised!”
Fr Callistus Khathali – OMI

Table of Contents

  Civil Marriages
  Customary Marriages
  Same Sex unions
  Marriages in Community of Property
  Administration of the joint estate
  Marriages out of community of property with accrual
  Marriages out of community of property without accrual
  Changing the matrimonial property system
  What is divorce
  Causes of divorce
  Procedure for divorce
  Entitlements after divorce
  Spousal maintenance
  Forfeiture of benefits
  Sharing of assets and debts
  Difference between separation and Divorce
  The difference between cohabitation and marriage
  Danger Alert
  Cohabitation agreement
  Dissolution of a cohabitation relationship
  Parental Responsibilities
  The Children’s Act 38 of 2005
  Best interest of the child
  Parental responsibilities and rights
  Parenting plan
  Relocation with a minor child within or outside South Africa
  What is maintenance
  Types of maintenance
  Child maintenance
  Maintenance of children by grandparents
  Maintenance of parents by their children
  Spousal maintenance
  What is domestic violence
  Forms of domestic violence
  Emotional and psychological
  Economic abuse
  Others forms
  Stages of domestic violence
  Protection order
  Procedure for getting a protection order
  What to do if a protection order is violated
  Intestate Succession: Dying without a will
  Procedure for inheriting intestate
  Testate Succession: Dying with a will
  Drafting a will
  Useful contact details

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