Consumer Law Unlocked Ebook

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Consumer Law Unlocked Ebook

SKU 978-1-920025-52-6

The recent introduction of the Consumer Protection Act has revolutionised consumer rights in South Africa. Along with that, it also fundamentally altered the way in which businesses are required to treat their clients, imposing a new set of obligations – or at least a formalised set of responsibilities – that had been easily circumnavigated or ignored before. 

Consumer Law Unlocked 
provides a comprehensive overview of consumer law – not just the Act - in a way that follows the typical chain of transactions. No business or professional advisor should be without it. Elizabeth de Stadler is a leading specialist in the field.

  • Author: Elizabeth de Stadler
  • Title: Consumer Law Unlocked Ebook
  • ISBN: 978-1-920025-52-6
  • Publication Date: 2016/08/23
  • Publishing House: Siber Ink
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