The Drafting of Wills Ebook

The Drafting of Wills Ebook

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There is no room for error in the drafting of Wills because when a Will comes into effect the testator is not present to revise, amend, interpret or give instructions as to his intentions. 

This places a special onus on the drafter to be linguistically precise and technically correct. Failure to adhere to the minutiae of the technicalities and legalities have led to many a family dispute, costly litigation, and delays in the winding up of estates, causing both emotional and financial hardship to the family of the deceased.

  • Author: Ceris Rhiannon Field
  • Title: The Drafting of Wills Ebook
  • ISBN: 978-1-920025-59-5
  • Publication Date: 2016/07/30
  • Publishing House: Siber Ink
  • Target Market • Lawyers • Accountants • Tax advisers • Bankers • Insurers • Testators
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 This practical guide, written by a specialist in the drafting of wills, covers all the processes, considerations and technicalities involved in correct and sound drafting of wills, covering details that are vital to good testamentary practice. It is essential reading and reference for all professionals involved in the drafting of wills and in the administration of deceased estates, including lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, bankers, insurers, and testators themselves. 

The book is based on the latest developments in the law and recent judgments pertaining to Wills. As both a practitioner and lecturer in the field of deceased estates, Ceris Field brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the subject of drafting of Wills.

Topics covered include:

- Fundamentals of wills & drafting wills

- Formalities of drafting a will

- The essentials requirements for wills

- Assets

- Legacies and Bequests

- Exclusion and Insolvency

- Joint and Mutual Wills

- Limited Rights

- Minors and Maintenance

- Death and Despatch

- Codicils and Living Wills

About the author

Ceris R Field is a practising attorney, notary and conveyancer with 25 years of experience. For the past 15 years she has specialised in the administration of deceased estates and in the drafting of wills and trusts.

Ceris is currently the chairperson of the Cape Law Society specialist committee on Wills, Estates and Trusts, and is a member of the national Law Society of South Africa Wills, Estates and Trusts Committee.

In addition to practising law, Ceris lectures and presents seminars part-time for LSSA LEAD. 

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