Ushepia - Crossing Boundaries Ebook

Ushepia - Crossing Boundaries Ebook

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USHEPiA Crossing Boundaries is a collection of work by scholars who present their work and expertise in a variety of fields and disciplines. These scholars are bound together by their experiences as Universities Science, Humanities, Law and Engineering Partnerships in Africa (USHEPiA) Fellows. The project’s aim is to ‘promote the dissemination of knowledge amongst African researchers with the aim of building institutional and human capacity in African Universities’, and this book achieves just that. 

This collection crosses not only academic, but also national boundaries and has been sub-titled: Knowledges from the Continent as a way of reflecting this multiplicity that is sure to make a contribution in a variety of fields.   
  • Author: Emma Arogundade (editor)
  • Title: USHEPiA Crossing Boundaries: Knowledges from the Continent - ebook
  • ISBN: 978-1-928309-08-6
  • Publication Date: 2016/10/02
  • Publishing House: Siber Ink
  • Target Market Academics; Civil society practitioners; Social, development and humanities practitioners; Policy makers; NGOs
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This collection of original academic work reflects scholars' concerns with: 
  • Gentrification and housing redevelopment in Nairobi; 
  • Skilling in the informal construction sector in Nairobi; 
  • The constructions of heterosexuality at the University of Nairobi and the implications for gender roles, particularly the negative impacts on women; 
  • State monopoloy of violence in Zimbabwe and the implication across its political history; 
  • Results of tests on the efficacy of two Kenyan medicinal plants as anti-viral treatments; and 
  • The implementation of biotechnologies in Sub-Saharan Africa.


USHEPiA was launched in 1996 and currently includes the Universities of Dar es Salaam, Cape Town, Ghana, Nairobi, Zimbabwe and Makerere University. The project has awarded over 80 fellowships, generated over 11 cohorts and assisted nearly 60 participants to adchieve their goal of completing postgraduate degrees. The ultimate goal of USHEPiA is to build on existing potential to develop a network of African researchers capable of addressing the developmental requirements of Sub-Saharan Africa. This book is a small sample of the breadth of knowledges generated by fellows.

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