To the Islands: A Creative Writing Workbook

To the Islands: A Creative Writing Workbook

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A practical guide for writers -
beginners and seasoned explorers alike.

Based on a course designed by acclaimed writing facilitator Anne Schuster, To the Islands is a practical and invaluable sourcebook for individuals, for writing groups and for facilitators of creative learning processes.

  • Author: Anne Schuster with Erica Coetzee
  • Title: To the Islands: A Creative Writing Workbook
  • ISBN: 978-0-9921922-9-7
  • Publication Date: 2014/09/25
  • Publishing House: Siber Ink
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Discover five imaginary islands that lie waiting for you in the sea of creativity, each with an itinerary specially devised to lead you on writing adventures. Sail to the Island of Wu-Wei, where writing is effortless. Follow your creative intuition around the Island of Wuzhi and write spontaneously on the Island of Ziran. Visit the Island of Xin to write from the body and explore creative tension on the Island of Yin-Yang.  

There are many approaches to 'learning' creative writing. The approach that underpins this workbook is inspired by practice. It is founded on the idea that what writers need most is to write. Writers find their feet by writing. They tune their voices by writing. To write frequently and with abandon allows you to explore the palettes and scenery of your creative universe. It is through writing that you discover your own islands.

Using poetry and prose, the 25 excursions in this workbook will encourage you to experiment and cultivate a writing habit, even if you only have half an hour a day to spare, while the writing tips and quotes from teachers and authors will keep you focused and inspired.

About the Authors

Anne Schuster holds an MPhil degree in Language and Literature Education from the University of Cape Town (UCT). She has been facilitating creative writing workshops since 1999 when she started Women’s Writing Workshops, which has grown into a vibrant community of women writers, many of whom are now published authors. She has published collections of writing from Women’s Writing Workshops, including A Woman Sits Down to Write, Women Flashing and Writing the Self. Anne has run courses for the UCT Summer School, the District Six Museum, teachers from Western Cape schools through the Centre for the Book, the Women on Farms Project, the African Gender Institute and the Footprints project with women in Pollsmoor Prison. She has been involved in a life-writing project with women refugees from various countries in Africa and published a collection of their writing in Living on the Fence. Her poetry and short stories are found in a number of collections. Her second novel, Foolish Delusions, was published in 2005 by Jacana, and was translated into German and published by Kalliope in 2008.

Erica Coetzee
holds an MA in Philosophy from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. She has worked with many local and international non-governmental organisations, specialising in the development of learning materials. She has researched and written materials on a broad range of topics relating to democracy, human rights, development and social transformation. Her work has taken a variety of formats, from academic and popular books to comics, training manuals, scripts, educational exhibits and e-learning applications. Erica has participated in several creative writing workshops and retreats run by Anne Schuster.