SILCS Sibergramme Subscription

SILCS Sibergramme Subscription


Remain up to date with the very latest in labour jurisprudence by highly experienced lawyer and editor, Owen Barrow. Judgments of the Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court are all expertly summarised in this e-mailed publication, a must-have for all labour lawyers. 
  • Author: Owen Barrow
  • Title: Siber Ink Labour Law Case Summaries (SILCS)
  • ISBN: ISSN 1810-7451
  • Publication Date: 2019/01/01
  • Publishing House: Siber Ink
  • Target Market Labour lawyers; Unions; Managers; Human Resources executives; CCMA staff; arbitrators; mediators
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Judgments of the Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court are all expertly summarised in this e-mailed publication, a must-have for all labour lawyers. Flynotes and summaries allow for quick assessment of the applicability of new cases. Only SILCS allows subscribers to remain entirely up to date with the very latest in labour jurisprudence.

About the author

Owen Barrow has a BA LLB from the University of Cape Town and is an admitted attorney. Owen was for many years an editor of the South African Law Reports published by Juta& Co Ltd and later became the publisher of Juta’s law reports publications, including the Industrial Law Journal and Labour Law Digest. After leaving Juta in 2000, Owen returned to practise as an attorney until 2009. He is currently a freelance editorial consultant.

Sibergrammes are subscription-based emailed updates delivered straight to your inbox. Annual subscriptions are payable in advance and automatically renewed, unless cancelled in writing. 

The latest issue, no 13 of 2020, was published on 4 December 2020, and summarises the following cases:


 Phil Skinner and 208 Others v Nampak Ltd and Others
LAC (JA95/19) [2020] ZALAC 43 24 November 2020 17 pages
Murphy AJA
SILCS 13/2020
Remuneration — Employee benefits — Medical aid contributions — Post-retirement medical aid contributions — Policy containing a stipulation conferring upon employer the right to determine its performance unobjectionable — Fairness of cap on contributions — Affordability by employer not decisive consideration — Operational requirements of employer a relevant consideration.
Mngadi v Jenkin NO and Others
LAC (DA 7/2019) [2020] ZALAC 42 24 November 2020 9 pages
Murphy AJA
SILCS 13/2020
CCMA — Jurisdiction — Condonation — Complaint one of a recurring nature — Whether condonation required — Prospects of success immaterial in determining whether or not jurisdiction established where complaint one of a recurring nature.
AMCU obo Rantho and 158 Others v Samancor Western Chrome Mines
LAC (JA62/19) [2020] ZALAC 46 1 October 2020 18 pages
Murphy AJA
SILCS 13/2020
Strike — Unprotected strike — Dismissal — Ultimatum — Requirements for — Need to be clear and unambiguous — Where ultimatum contained a reservation of rights to take further action by employer — Employer not entitled to approbate and reprobate.
Molosioa v Eskom Holdings Ltd (Komati Power Station)
LAC (JA1/19) [2020] ZALAC 44 3 November 2020 7 pages
Coppin JA
SILCS 13/2020
Labour court — Practice — Rule 7(8) of Rules of Labour Court  — Whether rigid approach required — Party need not necessarily have to amend a notice of application in a review in order to be able to file a supplementary affidavit contemplated in rule — Rules clearly anticipated that, once the record of the proceedings was made available, it might be necessary to add to, or further refine the grounds or basis on which the relief stated in the notice of application was being sought, albeit without having to amend the notice of application on notice of motion, because the relief sought remained the same.
Trendy Greenies (Pty) Ltd t/a Sorbet George v De Bruin et al
LC (C 390/2020) [2020] ZALCCT 28 21 October 2020 11 pages
Lagrange J
SILCS 13/2020
Restraint of trade — Interpretation of — Geographic extent of restraint — Meaning of ‘radius’ in restraint — ‘As the crow flies’ method applied in particular circumstances of semi-urban restraint of 10 kilometres.