Labour Relations for Shop Stewards

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Labour Relations for Shop Stewards

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Labour relations and law at a basic level are an extremely important part of the knowledge-set of any competent shop steward, but most books written on the subject are aimed at a different market, and in language, complexity and bias are not suited for easy consumption by shop stewards

Chris Hickley provides the basic knowledge that a shop steward requires to be adequately informed about key labour relations principles and issues.

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  • Author: Chris Hickley
  • Title: Labour Relations for Shop Stewards
  • ISBN: 978-1-928309-30-7
  • Publication Date: 2012/07/01
  • Publishing House: Siber Ink
  • Target Market Shop stewards, Union officials and anyone interested in worker’s rights and how to maintain and protect these rights.
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 This book will:

          Equip shop stewards with the important overview of labour relations required to fulfil his or her duties;

          Provide a good understanding of the key concepts and principles of labour relations / law;

          Empower him or her to be a better shop steward and better representative of workers’ interests;

          Add authority and confidence to Trade Union performance;

          Promote good labour relations in the workplace by providing key knowledge to key players.

 Special Features

Additionally, the book will: 

          Explain the disciplinary process and define the roles of all the key players;

          Address the issues of sexual harassment, protected disclosures, employment equity principles and dismissals in a simplified manner that is very easy for any shop steward to understand;

          Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a shop steward and offer encouragement;

          Build capacity and provide guidance for shop stewards to function more effectively and efficiently;

          Assist in training and developing both experienced and newly elected shop stewards;

          In short, each and every shop steward should really have a copy of this book that was specifically written for them. The book not only provides real value for money in comparison with costly training, but crucially, it gives the shop stewards a lasting resource on which they can depend and to which they can turn again and again for guidance.



About the author        

Chris Hickley has extensive experience as a shop steward and as a negotiator. He has a Masters degree in labour law from the University of Cape Town. Chris was a full-time shop steward and a national as well as a provincial negotiator for the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) and was also the senior shop steward and the national negotiator for the Chemical Workers Industrial Union (CWIU). Additionally he has extensive experience from across the table having been a labour relations manager for a number of years in various government departments.